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Talking Dictionary 1034. Uh, What Was Your Name Again?


1034. Mike introduced himself to his coworker. He said "Mike" slowly and loudly, hoping it would take. A short time later, she said, "Sir, do you know the password?" Slightly irritated, Mike wrote down the password. A bit later, she said, "Excuse me, sir. Can I borrow your red pen for a second?" Mike said, "Please, don't call me 'sir.' Call me Mike." She said, "I'm sorry. I called you 'sir' because—well, I forgot your name." Mike said, "I know. 'Mike' is a difficult name. It's hard to spell. It's hard to pronounce. It's multi‐syllabic." She said, "No. It's just that when I meet people, I get so nervous. I want them to like me, and I worry about saying 'Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Heather' cheerfully and shaking hands properly and smiling sincerely. So today as usual, I was so busy remembering all this that I forgot you!" 3.3


1034. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.