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Talking Dictionary 1032. A Black And White Family


1032. Darcy's dad was white; Darcy's mom was black. Darcy was a blue moon baby. Instead of being light brown, or dark brown, or black, or white, he was half‐white and half‐black. From head to waist, he was white. From waist to feet, he was black. His schoolmates taunted him so much that he wished he'd never been born. But he persevered. He graduated from high school and college and found a good job. Wanting to start his own family, he went on, where he met Elizabeth. She was also half‐and‐half, except she was black on top and white on bottom. They fell in love, married, and had three children. The first was half‐and‐half like Darcy. The second was half‐and‐half like Elizabeth. The third was half‐and‐half, but vertically, not horizontally. She was the one Darcy and Elizabeth knew would suffer the most. She was the one they loved the most. 3.8


1032. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.