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Talking Dictionary 1021. There Goes The Neighborhood


1021. "Tell me a story, Daddy." Dad said, "Sure, honey. On Alternative Earth, there was a great country called Greatopia. It was the greatest country of all time. Its citizens were happy, healthy, educated, generous, and hard‐working." Jackie said, "Greatopia sounds too good to be true." Dad said, "You're so smart." She said, "Thank you, Daddy. I got all my smarts from you." Dad said, "Well, your mom contributed a little. Anyway, one day the leader of Greatopia, having donned a navy blue pantsuit, announced, 'We're blessed. I propose that we share our huge bounty—our jobs, food, homes, healthcare, pensions—with those less fortunate.' Despite some concern, citizens bought into the idea. Greatopia opened its arms to millions worldwide, who poured across its borders." Jackie said, "Did Greatopia go south?" Dad said, "In a New York minute. She'd sold them a bill of goods. Her myopia turned Greatopia into dystopia." 5.6


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