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Talking Dictionary 1020. Hear, Hear!


1020. Archie complained to his ENT doctor. "When I listen to TV, radio, movies, and when people talk to me, I have a problem." The doctor said, "What might that be?" Archie said, "It 'might be' that everyone's talking too fast. I only catch about 80 percent of what I hear." After a thorough exam, Archie returned home. His wife said, "Well, what did your doctor say? Do you have wax in your ears?" Archie said, "No, they're clean as a whistle. And I passed the hearing test with flying colors." Betty said, "So, it's not in your ears. Maybe it's between your ears!" Archie said, "You're joking, but you're right. It's an aging thing. There's a lag between when I hear something and when my brain registers it—a signal delay." She said, "So, is it fixable?" Archie said, "Yes. He gave me a DVD on how to listen faster!" 3.3


1020. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.