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Talking Dictionary 1022. -- Said, --- Said


1022. A NYC university president emailed all staff. "Today's modern world is full of people with modern sensitivities. And their number one sensitivity concerns their gender. As you know, we all start out as females. Then, nature and nurture work their magic, and each of us ends up being mostly male, or mostly female. But not one of us is exclusively male, or exclusively female. Therefore, to call someone 'Sir' may offend him if he looks masculine but actually feels feminine. And vice versa. Accordingly, to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, I am forbidding your use of gender words anytime, anywhere. No more he, she, his, her, him, hers. No more Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. There are plenty of languages worldwide that don't use the masculine or feminine. It's time that English caught up with the rest of the world." One professor emailed him, "What about 'Grandma'?" He replied, "No more 'Grandma'!" 6.6


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