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Talking Dictionary91. NYC Library: No Censor, No Sense


91. Patrons can view porn on library computers in New York City. Porn is allowed because it's an expression of free speech. The libraries cannot ban porn. "That's so disgusting!" said Emily, 74. "They say it's 'free speech.' But there should be limits to free speech. They should draw the line at porn in the library. A library is for reading and thinking. It's for improving your mind. It's not a place for gawking at naked people. It's not a place for Peeping Toms and other perverts. There are kids in a library! These kids are our future. We must not corrupt them. We must protect them from filth. I'm never going to use a library computer again. Who knows what filthy man was touching the keyboard? Men can be so disgusting—well, most men. My husband, bless his soul, was never interested in porn. He only had eyes for me." 3.5


91. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.