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Talking Dictionary92. Superman At The Driving Range (1)


92. Superman flew to a driving range in his Superman outfit. He talked to Arnie, the golf instructor. Arnie said, "Sure, I'll be happy to teach you how to play golf, Superman." Arnie filled a bucket with golf balls. He told Superman to follow him. He gave Superman a 7 iron. He showed Superman how to grip the club. "The correct grip feels uncomfortable at first," he told Superman. Superman said, "No, it feels fine. Let me hit a few balls." Arnie said sure. He put a golf ball on the grass. Superman hit the golf ball with the 7 iron. WHACK! Arnie's ears hurt. The golf ball took off like a rocket. Then it burst into flames. Then it disappeared. All that remained was black smoke. Arnie told Superman to hit another ball. Superman said sure. The same thing happened again! Now there were two little clouds of black smoke. 2.8


92. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.