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Talking Dictionary90. An Unsafe Hotel Carpet (2)


90. Lee approached the spot where he had tripped. A woman was entering the hallway. Suddenly, she tripped. She caught herself. She had tripped over the carpet edge. Lee walked over to a nearby worker. He asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor came over. Lee showed him the upraised carpet. Lee told him that he and a woman had tripped there. The supervisor looked alarmed. "Sir, are you all right?" he asked Lee. Lee said he was fine. "Are you sure, sir? I'll get you an accident report. You should fill it out," he said. Lee was touched. This man seemed genuinely worried. "I just wanted you to know about this situation," he told the supervisor. The supervisor thanked him. "I'm calling maintenance right now," he said. He pulled out his cell phone. He stood guard on the carpet. Nobody was going to trip on that carpet edge again. 2.6


90. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.