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Talking Dictionary89. An Unsafe Hotel Carpet (1)


89. On Easter Sunday, Lee walked into the Plaza Hotel. It's on 59th Street next to Central Park. The foyer had white lilacs and white roses on a center table. People were taking pictures of the flowers and themselves. Lee went further inside. Many people were enjoying lunch in a big dining room. To Lee's left, a woman was playing the piano. Lee didn't recognize the music she was playing. It sounded nice. He listened for a while. He looked at the dining room menu. One entree was $28—too rich for him. He turned right and walked toward a carpeted hallway. As he entered the hallway, he tripped. He caught himself. There was gray duct tape along part of the carpet edge. The taped edge was half an inch above the floor. Lee walked up the hallway. It took him to an exit. He turned around and retraced his steps. 3.2


89. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.