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Talking Dictionary87. A Dangerous Light Bulb


87. One of the two kitchen light bulbs was out. It was circular and fluorescent. He placed a chair under the light. He stood on the chair. He unscrewed three screws. He removed the plastic cover. He removed the bad bulb. He inserted a new one. He screwed in the three screws that held the cover. His wife would be pleased to have a bright kitchen again. He heard the front door open. His wife walked in. She looked at him. She said, "Why are you standing on that chair? That's a cheap, plastic chair. What would happen if the chair broke? You might break your leg. You'd have to go to the hospital. We don't have health insurance. The hospital bill might be $5,000. Why didn't you call maintenance? You know they'd replace the light bulb for $30! You risk $5,000 to save $30. What is the matter with you?" 1.9


87. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.