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Talking Dictionary88. Search For A Legal‐Size Envelope


88. Burt's dad had lost his marriage certificate. He had lost it 40 years ago. But he had never needed it. Now he needed it. He called Burt. "Can you pick up a copy of my marriage certificate? I already called the city clerk in New York City. You only need your driver's license and $15. Then mail it to me," he said. Burt said sure. He went downtown the next day. He got the marriage certificate. It was on legal‐size paper. He needed a legal‐size envelope. He went to Office Depot. There were three sizes of big envelopes. Two of the sizes were too small, and one was too big. He asked a worker, "Do you have legal‐size envelopes?" The worker said no. He said Burt could probably find them online. Instead, Burt bought the package of envelopes that were too big. Dad is worth the extra stamps, he decided. 3.6


88. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.