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Talking Dictionary86. Stop Sleeping And Start Writing


86. It was 10 a.m. He was snoring. The phone rang. It was his wife. "Are you still sleeping?" she asked. He said no. "Is that the truth?" she asked. Okay, he was sleeping, he said. "You said you wouldn't sleep in anymore. You said you'd get up at eight and write all day long. You said you would write a book. We need money! How can you make money when you're sound asleep?" She hung up. He got up. Write, he thought. Write what? He had nothing to say—nothing that would interest anyone. Thousands of books are published every year. Few of them make big money. He had never been published—not even a letter to a newspaper. But he couldn't find a job. What else could he do? Writing was the only thing he could do halfway well. But write a best seller? He went back to sleep. 0.8


86. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.