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Talking Dictionary85. Renting A Manhattan Apartment


85. Lynn is a Manhattan real estate agent. She gets many calls. She asks all callers the same questions. She listens carefully to their answers. She wants serious callers. If she thinks they're lying about anything, she says she can't help them. "If they qualify, I can quickly find them an apartment they like," she says. "They get their apartment, and I get my commission." The phone rang. The caller wanted to rent an apartment. Lynn asked the usual questions: "When do you want to move? Why do you want to move? Is your annual salary 40 times the monthly rent for the apartment you want? Do you have good credit? Do you have a letter of employment? Do you have three recent pay stubs? Do you have a reference letter from your current landlord?" The caller hung up. Lynn wasn’t disturbed. She thought, "That's okay. Serious callers don't hang up!" 3.4


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