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Talking Dictionary42. Drive To The LA Airport (2)


42. She opened the manual. She looked under "E" for emergency brake. She looked under "B" for brake. "Unbelievable," she said. "There's nothing in here about the emergency brake." He said, "It's got to be in there somewhere. You know what? Maybe it's just a faulty dashboard light. That happens a lot." She said, "Yes, maybe that's it. Press on the gas pedal." He slowly pressed down on the gas pedal. The car moved forward. The dashboard light went off. He sped up. "It seems fine," he said. "I guess you release the brake pedal just by pressing on the gas pedal." They drove toward the airport. She continued checking the manual. "Ha!" she said. "Here it is. It was under 'P' for parking brake! You were right. It says, 'Press on the gas pedal to release the parking brake.'" He said, "I'll be sure to tell the proud new owner." 1.8


42. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.