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Talking Dictionary43. Where's My Safety Razor?


43. He had been using his electric shaver for a while. But there were a few problems. It produced ingrown hairs occasionally. It didn't give him a really close shave. It left his skin dry and flaky sometimes. He decided to start using his safety razor again. It had a pivoting head and twin blades. The twin blades were supposed to give him a closer shave. He didn't know what the pivoting head was supposed to do. He looked everywhere for his razor. "Have you seen my razor—not the electric shaver, but the razor with twin blades?" he asked his wife. She said, "No, I haven't seen it. If you were more organized, you'd know where it was. You can't ever find anything. Maybe it just skated away somewhere." He said, "'Skated away'? How could a razor skate away?" She said, "Easy! It would skate away on its twin blades!" 3.5


43. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.