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Talking Dictionary41. Drive To The LA Airport (1)


41. She was moving to New York City. She asked her brother to drive her to the airport in her car. "Okay, but I've never driven this heap before," he said. "It drives like any other car," she said. "And it's a 1993 Cadillac; it's not a 'heap.' Remember, when you sell it, keep 25 percent for yourself." "Okay," he said. "I'll keep $25, and I'll send you $75." She put her bags in the trunk. They got into the car. He pressed on the emergency brake with his left foot. He turned on the ignition. The dashboard emergency brake light came on. "The emergency brake light is on," he said. "I thought I was releasing the brake. Instead, I must have set it. Now, how do I release it? Where's the brake release handle?" She said, "I wouldn't know. I never use the emergency brake. Let me check the manual." 2.7


41. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.