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Talking Dictionary21. Whose Fault Was It?


21. He said that he felt bad because she had lost her client last week. "You should feel bad. It was your fault," she said. He said it wasn't totally his fault. "We missed the first train by a few seconds. Yes, that was my fault. So we got to Costco 20 minutes late. We got home 20 minutes late. But you still had plenty of time to make your appointment. But you ate a big lunch. Then you took a long shower," he said. "I always eat a big lunch," she said. "I always take a long shower." "You should have kept your 1 o'clock appointment," he said. "Instead, you told your client to meet you at 2 o'clock. She refused. You should have asked her, not told her. That was rude." She said, "You knew I had a 1 o'clock appointment. But you made us late. That was rude!" 0.9


21. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.