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Talking Dictionary20. One Person At A Time


20. Barry called Gene from work. The two of them talked only occasionally. They used to be best friends. Barry asked how everything was. He asked about Gene's health. While Gene was answering, he heard someone talking to Barry. What's going on, Gene wondered. A coworker was talking with Barry. The conversation lasted about 20 seconds. Finally, Barry said, "I'm sorry. Susan asked me a question." Gene asked, "Couldn't she see you were on the phone?" Barry said, "Yes, but she needed a fast answer." Gene said, "That's rude." Barry said, "Sometimes she forgets her manners." Gene said, "She was rude, but you were rude, too. You were talking with me. You should've asked me if I minded waiting a second. Instead, you ignored me and paid complete attention to her. Would you have done that if you had been talking to your supervisor?" Barry said that he had to go. 3.5


20. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.