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Talking Dictionary22. Her Dental Visit


22. It was time for her yearly checkup and teeth‐cleaning. The dentist examined her gums and teeth. He said that she had a lot of plaque and tartar. He recommended a "deep cleaning." She asked what that was. He said that it would take two visits. He would clean her top teeth first. He would clean her bottom teeth second. Each visit would take two hours. "How much will it cost?" she asked. "It will cost four times as much as a regular cleaning," he said. "I can't," she said. "I don't have the time or the money." He tried to convince her to get the deep cleaning. She refused. He turned cold. He silently gave her the regular cleaning. But he did it fast, and it hurt. "He taught me a good lesson," she told her husband. "What lesson?" he asked. "He taught me to find another dentist," she said. 1.6


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