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Talking Dictionary982. Big Bird Springs Jailbirds


982. On June 30, Mayor DeTallio announced, "Rikers Island costs taxpayers $96,000 annually per inmate. To reduce that cost, tomorrow we're releasing all those inmates awaiting a court trial, including those who cannot afford bail. Every one of them will receive an ankle bracelet, a $300 weekly check, and a bus ride home. My plan kills five birds with one stone. It reduces taxpayer cost by 80 percent. It gives suspects the dignity of being free instead of locked up like animals. It allows suspects to be with their families, which fosters responsibility and togetherness. It gives suspects money to spend, which contributes to the local economy. And it reduces the number of correction officers, cooks, and other support staff needed at Rikers Island. In short, it's an innovative model that other cities will eagerly adopt." In July, the number of alleged lawbreakers taken to Rikers, compared to June's number, quadrupled. 9.7


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