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Talking Dictionary983. Rikers Releases Reprobates


983. On June 30, NYC City Council Speaker Nolauza Pynywher announced, "We've just passed my bill regarding so‐called criminals at Rikers Island. Tomorrow we release all prisoners who've been sentenced to one year or less. During out‐processing, if they say they won't be able to find work, they'll sign a one‐year contract guaranteeing them $500 a week, tax free. All they have to do is promise to be good. Everyone makes mistakes; everyone deserves a second chance—or more. As it costs $96,000 annually to house each prisoner, my bill saves taxpayers $60,000 per ex‐prisoner. Further, each so‐called criminal becomes an honest wage‐earner, each of their checks, when spent, contributes to our economy, and most important, each and every NYC resident can stop worrying about crime. All our so‐called criminals will be respectable wage‐earners who are no longer forced to mug or rob their fellow residents in order to get by." 10.4


983. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.