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Talking Dictionary976. Play Nice With Payroll


976. He emailed the payroll manager. "I mistakenly shorted myself on my hours. The law firm credited me for 6 hours Tuesday, but I submitted only 5‐1/2." She emailed him back. "I checked your timesheet from Payup & Payup. It shows 5‐1/2 hours." He emailed her back. "Yes, it shows 5‐1/2 in the 'Productive' column. But that column doesn't include downtime. The 'Scheduled' column includes downtime. It shows 6 hours. That's what I should get paid for, not 5‐1/2." She emailed him back. "You entered 5‐1/2, so that's what you're going to get." He called his supervisor and explained his problem. She said, "Of course you're entitled to the extra half‐hour. I'll tell Prudence to give it to you." He thanked his supervisor. Ten minutes later, he called her back, saying, "Forget it. Don't tell Prudence anything. The last person I want holding a grudge against me is the payroll manager." 4.8


976. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.