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Talking Dictionary977. WWII Solved Racism Problem


977. Spencer said, "When are you people going to stop calling my people racists?" Simon said, "We'll stop when you people stop being racists! Which is probably never. Admit it—if you had your way, America would be white as a sheet." Spencer said, "C'mon! You're confusing America's whites with Germany's Nazis. Speaking of which, if America's—mostly white—armed forces, factory workers, and other civilians hadn't defeated Hitler, America would be white as a sheet—blue‐eyed Aryans from sea to shining sea. And you people would be speaking German. No, scratch that. You wouldn't be speaking anything, because you wouldn't be. Hitler would've disappeared you, along with all the others. So, you people owe us a big one! We might have enslaved you in the beginning, but we saved you in the end." Simon said, "'Might have'?! Hunh! Oh, and thank you so much for fighting Hitler to save us!" 5.0


977. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.