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Talking Dictionary905. Massacres—Why Ask Why?


905. Someone shot up a restaurant full of customers ordering burgers and fries. Someone shot up a high school full of hormonal teens. Someone shot up an elementary school full of wide‐eyed, innocent youngsters. Someone shot up a campus full of career‐minded college students. Someone shot up a political rally full of campaign volunteers. Someone shot up an army base full of war‐weary soldiers. Someone shot up a theater full of patrons munching on popcorn. Someone shot up a church full of Bible‐reading worshippers. Someone shot up a facility full of possible parents. Someone shot up a Christmas party full of social service workers. After each of these "senseless" massacres, the nation's media screamed Why?!, as if the answer could help prevent future such tragedies, as if the answer could somehow bring "closure" to the victims' families and friends. There is no answer. There is no closure. Not on Earth, anyway. 8.2


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