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Talking Dictionary906. Out Of The Shadows At Last


906. The city council speaker, Ms. Unica Jefe, said, "Nueva York is the greatest city in the world, and what made it great is immigrants. It's been an immigrant city from the very beginning in 1626, when Puerto Ricans purchased Manhattan from the First Immigrants for 24 chickens. But centuries later, we still have immigrants hiding in the shadows. No más! Our Shine in the Sun plan guarantees that immigrants will become valued community members. First, we issued NYC ID cards to every immigrant living here. Next, we made every immigrant eligible to vote in city elections and sit on jury duty. Third, we made every immigrant eligible to run for city office. Finally, I'm running for mayor next year. And my first act, to ensure that absolutely nobody's left hiding in the shadows, will be to permit sleeping in subway stations, subway cars, parks, libraries, and on city sidewalks 24/7." 9.6


906. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.