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Talking Dictionary840. Cobbler With Cobwebs


840. When Bob got home, he took his newly repaired shoes out of the plastic bag and started to polish them. He quickly saw that the shoes hadn't been repaired properly. Later, on the phone, he told his brother about the botched repair job. Brian said Bob should have looked at the shoes more carefully before he left the shop. Bob said, "Gee, thanks. You know, I gave them a quick look in the shop. The cobbler's this old guy from the old country. I figured his father began teaching him how to repair shoes when he was six years old. I figured that by now, 70 years later, he knows how to repair shoes. I shouldn't have to look twice. Also, I shouldn't have to listen to Henry Hindsight tell me what I should have done. Do you think that your hindsight is more brilliant or useful than my own?" 4.0


840. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.