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Talking Dictionary841. New Job, New Disease


841. At her new job, Sara had a small desk but a comfortable chair. Her clients sat on a cheap plastic chair. Most interviews lasted about an hour. Tommy's interview lasted longer. He was 26. He was single, thin, and pretty. He asked a lot of questions. He sighed a lot. Midway through the two hours, he said he was HIV+. Sara tightened up. Shortly afterward, Tommy said he had TB. When the interview ended, she rushed into the bathroom and scrubbed her hands. They say HIV isn't contagious, she thought, but they say a lot of things. After soaping up handfuls of paper towels, she wiped down her desk and the plastic chair. That night, she phoned her mom about Tommy. Her mom said, "Don't visit me until you get checked out for TB." Sara said, "Oh, gosh! I've been so worried about HIV that I almost forgot about TB!" 3.3


841. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.