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Talking Dictionary822. Word Choice Matters


822. National Liberal Radio, or NLR, is a public radio network that loves to produce stories about America's poor, all of whom seem to be people of color being held down by America's whites, all of whom seem to have wallets full of plastic and personalities full of themselves. NLR dismisses as hopelessly biased such news organizations as conservative WOLF News, which calls itself "fair and balanced." Snorted an NLR executive, "WOLF's idea of giving both sides of a story is when they follow a quote from a Republican senator with a quote from a Republican congressman." Meanwhile, NLR's own "fair and balanced" reporting never includes the phrase "illegal immigration." NLR opts for the simpler "immigration," as in, "Most whites are against immigration." Snorted a WOLF executive, "Not using 'illegal' with 'immigration' is like saying, 'Most cats are against milk,' when the accurate statement is, 'Most cats are against sour milk.'" 13.5


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