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Talking Dictionary821. Have You Heard The One About?


821. Overhearing Leonard's short joke about two white peanut farmers, an elderly man called him a racist. Leonard said, "Really? It's such a pleasure meeting someone who doesn't make snap judgments. You don't even know my name, but you know I'm a low‐life racist. From one joke. What if I told a fat joke? I hate all fat people? What if I told a dumb blonde joke? I'm a misogynist? I hate my mom, my wife, and my beautiful daughter? What if I told a joke about a chicken crossing the road? I'm an animal hater? How about a joke about a priest, rabbi, and minister walking into a bar? I'm an atheist? How about a joke about the government? I'm an anarchist? Of course not. So one little joke about people of noncolor doesn't make me a racist. 'Racist' jokes don't make us racists. They help us deal with racists." 3.7


821. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.