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Talking Dictionary807. LGBT Scouts Of America?


807. The Boy Scouts of America recently agreed to allow openly gay men to become scout leaders and employees. About 2 million boys, ages 7 to 18, are Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. When Jerry heard about the decision, he pulled his teenage son Thad out of Troop 53. Thad said, "But Dad, next month I'm taking a CPR test. When I pass, I'll qualify for my First Aid merit badge." Jerry said, "Son, next month there's no telling who will be giving you your CPR test. It might be some gay guy who wants to give you mouth to mouth." Thad said, "But Dad, we do CPR on dummies, not on real live humans. Besides, you know that Susie and I are planning on getting married someday." Jerry said, "You never know, son. There's some smooth talkers out there. They might talk you into changing teams. You just never know." 4.5


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