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Talking Dictionary808. Capital Punishment For Racists


808. The world's most famous wrestler, Bulk Brogan, used the N word when asked about his daughter's new boyfriend. Bulk's remark immediately went around the world. Social media had a field day, calling Bulk a low‐life white boy, honky, cracker, gringo, and haole. Marchers in Times Square chanted, "The N word matters!" The wrestling league banned Bulk from all future events and removed his plaque from the wrestling Hall of Fame. Sports network ESBM fired Bulk as its color commentator. A shoe manufacturer stopped selling its popular Bulk sneakers. A cereal maker took Bulk's photo off its boxes of Oatees. Bulk's Asian ex‐wife said, "I always knew he was a racist." The charities that Bulk supported through dozens of annual appearances, which helped bring in millions of dollars, severed all ties with Bulk. Bulk, stunned and angry, said, "All this because of one word? Better that I killed somebody, I guess." 6.3


808. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.