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Talking Dictionary786. Cluck, Cluck!


786. Luke Smith was a trainee for a NYC agency. He was at a field office for two days with Max, another trainee. Luke was 55; Max was 35. The director told them to go to Section A for that day's training. Two workers were waiting for them there. The female worker said, "Hi, Mr. Smith. Please have a seat and just watch what I do." The male worker, who looked 25, called out to Max, "Hey, buddy! Come over here, and I'll teach you a thing or two. You can call me Mr. J." "Junior" had better not call me "buddy," Luke thought, or I'll teach him a thing or two. The next day, Luke was reading a motivational poster on the office wall. Walking past him, Mr. J said, "That's a nice‐looking shirt, buddy!" Luke wanted to yell, "Don't call me buddy, buddy!" Instead, he quietly said, "Thank you." 3.0


786. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.