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Talking Dictionary787. Teacher Insults Slow Student


787. Nelson was in a beginner computer class for adults. He had been struggling, much to his teacher's growing annoyance. One evening Mrs. Brown handed out a teacher evaluation form. It was for the previous night's substitute teacher. The form had a space for the student's name. Nelson asked, "Our name isn't mandatory, is it?" Mrs. Brown said, "Look at the instructions. They say your name is optional." Nelson quickly reread the instructions. He said, pointedly, "No, the instructions don't say the name is optional. In fact, they don't say anything about printing our name." She glared at him. She said, "Do you know your name?" He looked at her. "Excuse me?! Of course I know my name. What kind of question is that?" She said, "Then you figure out what to do with your name. I'm not going to get into an hour‐long discussion with you about a stupid form." 3.6


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