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Talking Dictionary 764. Thank You For Your Service


764. While awaiting their trainer, the students were comparing their list numbers. Appointment to their class had required a high list number, which derived primarily from each student's NYC civil service exam score. Everyone had divulged his unique list number except Nate, who was the quietest, but not the sharpest, student in class. Sara asked, "What's your number, Nate?" He softly replied, "One." His classmates murmured. Ben said, "I bet you're a vet." Nate said, "Yes. Iraq." Ben said, "See? It's not fair. Just for being a vet, Nate got an extra five points. That's why he's number one, and I'm only number two." Nate rose from his chair. Angry, he said, "Just for being a vet? Have you ever seen your best friend lose both his legs to an IED? It's people like me who have made this country free for people like you to complain about people like me!" 3.4


764. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.