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Talking Dictionary 765. Her Oral Garlic Garden


765. It was the fourth day of a four‐month class. Rose walked into the classroom. She smiled and said hello, and Ned reciprocated. Rose was friendly and pretty. Ned liked everything about her except for one thing. She sat down next to Ned. Immediately the garlic hit him. Ned wondered yet again, Doesn't anyone in her family, doesn't her best friend, doesn't even a total stranger ever say anything to her about her garlic breath? Doesn't she ever get a whiff of herself? How could she not have a clue? Does her brand of garlic promise No Garlic Breath? How could she believe that? Ned dared not mention her garlic odor to Rose, of course, because she would probably hate him for life. Ned complained to his wife about Rose. His wife said, "Fight fire with fire." The next morning, Ned ate two cloves of garlic just before entering the classroom. 4.0


765. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.