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Talking Dictionary 757. Which Is Worse To Be Fired For?


757. Jesse was a new hire at a NYC agency. It was the third Wednesday of a four‐month training class. The teacher told everyone to log on to their computers and log into the agency's Intranet. She warned them, "Remember your handouts. Violating our computer regulations could result in discipline or dismissal." At day's end, everyone logged off. But expecting an important email, Jesse clicked on Google and then g‐mail. The teacher walked by his desk. She said, "Why are you on the Internet?" Jesse said, "I'm sorry," and immediately logged off. That evening he couldn't sleep. All he did was worry. Are they going to fire me tomorrow, he wondered. If asked why he was online, his only defense was that he forgot. But that's no good, he thought. Nobody wants an employee who can't remember simple rules. Saying "I forgot" is no better than saying "I felt like it." 5.0


757. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.