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Talking Dictionary 756. Twixt B Train And Platform


756. At 8 a.m. Charley was waiting at the north end of the Sheepshead Bay platform for the northbound B. When it pulled up, Charley followed others onto the train. Except he forgot one thing. He forgot to put his left foot onto the train. Instead, he put his left foot into the 5‐inch gap. His whole leg plunged into the gap. Charley found himself sitting on the platform; he couldn't get up. Immediately, two strangers on the platform grabbed him from front and behind and pulled him up to his feet. Dazed, Charley thanked them and stepped onto the train. The doors tried to close on him, but he squeezed through and grabbed a seat. He shook his head. How could I have missed the whole train, he thought. It's so big, and the gap's so small. Those two saved my life, he thought, as blood trickled down his calf. 2.5


756. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.