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Talking Dictionary 719. Which Neighbor Steals His Paper?


719. Brent had just started a newspaper subscription. But two days had gone by, and he hadn't received one paper. Customer service said delivery had delivered the paper both days. Brent said, "Can delivery call me when they deliver tomorrow?" The rep checked with delivery and said okay. Brent told his wife, "Now I'll catch whoever's stealing our paper. I don't know which neighbor it is, but I'm going to catch him in the act." His wife said, "Your neighbors aren't stealing your papers!" Brent scoffed. The next morning, delivery called. Brent waited a minute. He opened his apartment door. "Ha!" he said. Nobody was there. His paper wasn't there either. He called customer service. The rep called delivery. Delivery said his paper was still there. Brent said, "Where? Where's 'there'?" The rep said, "They leave your paper downstairs. They can't get upstairs to your apartment because your lobby is locked." 4.1


719. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.