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Talking Dictionary 718. Ten Houses? 20 Cars? I'll Take Fresh Shorts


718. Cy said, "I just read an article about rich real estate brokers in Manhattan. One broker has his own hair salon. He treats all his clients and their spouses to free hair treatments. How rich is that? Another broker has his own limousine service. His limousines take his clients all over town for free. How rich is that? Another broker has fashion big shots from Paris put on personal shows just for her and her clients twice a year. How rich is that?" Shy said, "You know, all that fancy stuff is beyond me. I'm bald as a cue ball, so I don't visit fancy salons. My 'limo' is a yellow cab. My wife buys her clothes at Target. Here's the kind of rich that opens my eyes: I read about a guy so rich that after he wears his underwear one time—he throws it out! Now that's rich." 3.4


718. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.