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Talking Dictionary 665. A Word To The Wise, And Otherwise


665. Charlene said, "Dad, you're 85 now. You're not going to live forever, you know." Dad said, "What's your point?" She said, "Do you want to—forgive the phrase—pass on anything? A tip? A caveat? After all these years, I still don't know what makes you tick." He said, "I'm your father. What more do you need to know? Here's something for you: I was born in Brooklyn. Does that help?" She said, "C'mon, Dad! Give me something I can hold onto." He said, "Give you something to hold onto? You never gave me 'something'—grandkids. I got nothing to say. Anyway, who cares what I got to say?" She said, "I do, for one." He said, "Well, one's the closest you can get to zero. You want a tip? Pass this on to your neighbor's grandkids: All you have to know is where your next meal is coming from." 1.7


665. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.