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Talking Dictionary 664. NYC ACS—Save The Children


664. There was a knock on the door. Monique opened it. A man said, "Hi. I'm Bruce Brown. I'm from New York City's Administration for Children's Services." He showed her his ID. She said, "Okay. A‐n‐d?" Bruce asked, "May I come in?" Once inside, he said, "I'm here because we got a report that a young boy in this apartment is screaming 'bloody murder' all the time." Monique said, "Really? A report from who? Who told you that? I bet it was Mr. Jones in 3D. What a rat! Screaming, huh? Well, he's the one who's going to be screaming." Bruce said, "I can't disclose who called in the report." She said, "Surely you don't believe it's true!" He said, "I don't believe anything until I interview everyone. State law requires us to investigate all reports called in to 800‐342‐3720. Our mission is to protect city kids from abuse or neglect." 3.3


664. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.