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Talking Dictionary 637. New Law: More Marinada Than Marijuana


637. Shirley said, "Have you heard the news? The governor signed a marijuana law. Now all of us New Yorkers can smoke weed like everyone in all the other states. I'm going to Union Square and light one up. Finally, a victory for common sense." Mel said, "Hold on. Are you already high? Where'd you get this information? None of it's correct. First of all, it's a medical marijuana law. It's called the Compassionate Care Act. It's only for people who are very sick. That means people with diseases like cancer, AIDS, or epilepsy. None of which you have! Further, 'all' the other states haven't legalized marijuana. Only 22 other states have done so, and that's for medical marijuana. Finally, nobody'll be allowed to actually smoke marijuana. They have to take a marijuana pill." She said, "A pill? No way. Marijuana's like tobacco—there's the lighting, the smoking, the whole ritual." 5.2


637. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.