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Talking Dictionary 636. Mom Abandons Baby In Subway


636. A young, single mom left her baby in a stroller on a train platform in midtown Manhattan. Police arrived. Children's Services took custody of the baby. Police found the mom a day later. They charged her with child abandonment. Listening to the news, Becky asked, "Does that mean she'll go to jail?" Ricky said, "Well, it's a felony, so she probably will. In New York, you can't just leave a kid, any kid under 14, on a train platform or anywhere else. That's abandonment. It's okay if you leave an infant at a police station, hospital, or fire station. But that's only if it's 30 days old or less. Her baby was 10 months old." Becky said, "So, what good is jail time?" He said, "Well, it'll teach her not to do it again." Becky said, "No, it'll teach her to abandon her next baby before it's 30 days old." 4.4


636. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.