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Talking Dictionary 612. All Devices Should Beep Loudly Constantly


612. He called the 800 number. Michelle answered. She asked for his first name. He asked why. She said to better help him. She asked for his last name. He asked why. She gave him the same answer. She asked for his phone number and email address. She asked why he had called customer support. He said, "My new Restinghouse microwave beeps too loud and too often. I feel like I'm living in a warehouse full of forklifts forever backing up." Michelle said, "Poor baby." She said tech support wasn't available at the moment. But she could set up an appointment. He asked, "An appointment? Are they coming to my apartment?" Michelle said, "No, silly. They don't have your address. The appointment's for a technician to call you. Will 3:30 this Thursday be okay?" He said, "Sure, 3:30 will be fine. That's when I'll tell him that I've already returned it." 3.2


612. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.