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Talking Dictionary 611. Bridge Jumpers vs. Track Jumpers


611. More than 1,400 people have jumped to their deaths off the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco officials voted to install a net under it. The stainless steel net will cost $76 million. It will extend 20 feet on each side under the bridge. Dave said to his wife, "A net made out of stainless steel?! Who wants to land on steel? How many people are going to break their necks landing on that thing? I've got a better idea—cheaper, too. Just add water softener to San Francisco Bay. And what about suicides here in New York City? Every year, at least 20 people jump onto the tracks in front of a subway train. They're the ones needing a net. Just fasten a 100‐foot long, cotton net to the front of each train. The jumpers will land in the net. They'll have a soft landing and, hopefully, a new beginning." 4.4


611. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.