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Talking Dictionary592. Ear, Nose, Throat—Feet


592. It was her first visit to the ENT office. She had a sore throat. There was a big, brown stain on the elderly doctor's white coat. She sat on the examining table, next to a big, silver cabinet on wheels. It had eight drawers. The doctor put on a grimy head mirror. He grabbed two loose exam gloves lying on the bottom of a messy drawer. She looked around the room, but nowhere did she see a box of fresh exam gloves. He put on the gloves. He picked up an otoscope. He didn't wipe its plastic tip with an alcohol pad. She could feel the dirty tip as he peered into both her ears. He picked up another instrument. He heated its tip with a paper match. She had never seen a doctor do this. She wondered, Is this doctor for real? Saying, "Excuse me," she left the office. 3.1


592. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.