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Talking Dictionary593. Too Ugly For Friendship


593. Curtis told James and his wife Dolley, "You'll like my brother." He escorted them into Bo's apartment. As he introduced them, Curtis detected a "look" on Bo's face. After drinks and chatting awhile, James and Dolley left. Curtis asked Bo, "What was that look on your face when I introduced them? James is my best friend. It seems like you couldn't wait for him and Dolley to leave." Bo said, "Have you looked at those two? They're the ugliest couple I've ever seen." Curtis said, "Ugly? What's ugly got to do with anything? They're not ugly. They're average. I'm sorry they're not beauty queens. But I'm more sorry that you think that way. You base relationships on looks? If someone's not pretty, they can't be your friend? I feel sorry for you." Bo said, "Don't be sorry. I have more friends than anyone needs, and they're all like me—good‐looking!" 3.2


593. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.