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Talking Dictionary586. Plane Lost, Blame Found


586. They were waiting at the airport for Flight 270. Lydia said, "I'm so excited. We haven't seen Mom and Dad in ages." Her brother Brook said, "Yes, but I still wish you hadn't bought them tickets. They both hate flying. I told you we should've flown to visit them, but you ignored me." Lydia said, "C'mon. They'll enjoy seeing this city again. It's changed so much since they were kids here. Then they can return home and just stay there for the rest of their lives. In the future, I promise, we'll do the flying." The flight schedule board changed. Flight 270 was no longer on time. It was delayed. An hour later, it was still delayed. Brook and Lydia waited and worried. Then a news report said that Flight 270 wasn't delayed, but missing. No wreckage was ever found. Silently, Brook never ceased blaming Lydia for their parents' death. 3.1


586. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.