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Talking Dictionary585. It Fires Banana Seeds


585. Cheryl was going through security at LAX. Her personal things were in the dirty, gray plastic tray. Among them was her cowboy sock monkey. It was wearing a tiny ten‐gallon hat and a belt with a holster. Inside the holster was a bright red, solid plastic gun. It was two inches long. A sharp‐eyed TSA agent removed the gun from the holster. Holding the gun up, he asked, "Do you know what this is?" Cheryl said, "Yes, isn't it cute? It's my monkey's toy gun." He said, "I'm sorry. This may be a 'toy gun' to you, but it's a weapon for terrorism to professionals like me. You could point this at your flight attendant or pilot and hijack your plane to Cuba." She said, "But my boyfriend's in Brooklyn!" He said, "Whatever. This firearm stays here with me. Don't ever try this little stunt again. We'll be watching you." 3.3


585. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.