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Talking Dictionary425. Much Older Than He Looks


425. Sam, 54, looks like he's about 30. He's always looked very youthful. He likes to tell about his first development deal. He was sitting in a lawyer's office. The lawyer kept looking at his watch. Finally, Sam asked, "Are we waiting for someone?" The lawyer said, "Yes, we're waiting for your dad to come sign the papers." Sam said, "My dad teaches English. He doesn't have anything to do with this deal. I'm the one who's signing the papers." The lawyer said, "You're the developer of this million‐dollar deal?" Sam said, "Yes, sir." The lawyer called up his son. He said, "I'm sitting across from a guy who looks like a high school freshman. He's signing a million‐dollar development deal. Meanwhile, you graduated from college a year ago, but you're still living at home because you can't find a job. You better have one by the time I get home!" 4.4


425. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.